Shoe Protectors in Toffee Leopard


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These are available in two sizes:

  • Size One fits a 6-7 inch platform height.
  • Size Two fits a 8-9 inch platform height.

Protect your pole shoes with Paradis shoe protectors! Made to prevent your beautiful heels from losing their sparkle and getting scuffed or scratched. Simply slide our shoe protector over the entire platform of your heel, including the toe area. Our shoe protectors are made with fabric that will still give you the slide you need when performing or practicing.

Why you'll love this.

  • Designed to take the brunt of the beating so your pole shoes stay beautiful for longer
  • Reversible so you can get the most out of our shoe protectors
  • Suitable for both open and closed toe heels
  • Available in a range of prints and colours in case you want to be that little bit extra

Some more details.

  • Handmade in Australia
  • Available in two sizes: Size One fits a 6-7 inch heel height, and Size Two fits a 8-9 inch heel height. 
  • Our Size Two protector is pictured on an 8 inch platform (pole shoes are not included)

Please note that our shoe protectors are designed to try prevent the damage that your pole shoes take from routine practice and performances. This means that your protectors may need to be replaced from time to time. Textured shoes may cause the shoe protectors to wear out more quickly than other shoes. Please ensure that you pull the protector over the platform and leave the sole of your shoe uncovered to ensure you still have grip.