Tatiana Active

TATIANA Active Wear is a pole wear brand devoted to empowering women in the sexiest yet functional gear possible.

The brand was founded by Tatiana – just your average pole dancer next door. Tatiana started pole dancing in 2013 after discovering a nearby studio offering classes in Sydney’s western suburbs. Since then, she has been hooked with the challenge of pole dancing, pole tricks, flexibility training and engaging in muscles she had no idea existed.

By 2015, she started teaching at Just Pole Fitness starting with just beginner classes then slowly building up to advanced classes. Her FAVOURITE class ever though.. is exotic pole dancing. My god. Having never making it into school dance groups, she thought that she just wasn’t co-ordinated enough to dance.

Exposure to exotic pole dancing was probably the best thing discovered. But what’s a good dance without a good pole outfit?! That’s where the idea seeded and blossomed into Tatiana Active Wear. The world needed pole wear that was not just sexy but also functional. It needed to last more than just one week, one training session and more than one dance!!

She doesn’t post regularly as she’s still a little shy (hahaah!) but please do say hello!!