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New Principio Set - Ash Green

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# A more comfortable, cleaner Principio renewal version

"Principio ver.1 The most loved ash green color, and the black color that was requested a lot.
With a few tweaks, it's back even more perfect!"

1. Exposed chest line lining, which received a lot of feedback in the previous version
To solve the problem that the lining protrudes from the chest line while wearing
stitches have been placed on the inside. The lining is not exposed, so it is smooth, natural, and more supportive.

2. Modify the pattern of the bottom
Taking on the feedback from customers who felt that the rise was a bit short when wearing the low-waist style Principio shorts,
Rise height is increased by about 4cm, so you can wear it with a more stable feeling.
If in between sizes, size down.